Chloë Sevigny and Harmony Korine ©


james franco look like one of those sweaty stoners that shows up to class late every day and is like “you got another pencil i can use bruh” and he never gives them back what does he do with all those pencils


I’m tired of everyone I know
Of everyone I see On the street

I hate them all, I hate them all
I hate myself for hating them

I’ll drink even more
I’ll hate them even more than I did before


Meet Me In The Bathroom | The Strokes


Chances by The Strokes. “I take my chances alone.”

'I hate music where it’s like, ‘it all sucks, fuck this, we’re gonna die, fuck you, kill yourself’, and I hate shit where it’s like ‘it’s gonna be alright, everything is just fine’.
The most powerful aspect of music is that it can open your eyes to the frustration of everything and give you the adrenaline and faith to go on with the ideal that you can make it better if you do your thing.
— Julian Casablancas (via cirocodile)